Putting up your own birding station? I’m going to give some nice tips on setting up bird feeders and more. These should get you on the right path to bird feeding. what kind of feeder should you use, types of food such as Mills Brothers Premium Wild Bird Food in Easy Pour & Store Container
to purchase, the perfect location for the feeder, what time to feed and tips to make our feathered friends feel safe.

. Buying the perfect feeder. Choosing the perfect feeder is not hard if you follow a few good tips. You could take all day trying to pick a feeder to choose from. The main things you should focus on is the durability, size, and how easy it is to assemble and maintain.

The perfect feeder should have enough strength to handle bad weather conditions, able to keep bird food dry, big enough so you won’t have to refill birdfood all the time, and easy to take apart and clean. Wooden feeders are easy to make fit into your backyard easily but because of this, the perfect feeder should be made of plastic or metal.

for the type of feeder you wanna use, you also have a large variety to choose from. Tube feeders are kinda squirrel-proof and can keep the bird food dry. Window bird feeders also keep the food fairly dry but not much against squirrels. Platform feeders gives very little protection against the weather and squirrels but this type of feeder attracts more of a variety of birds.

In the end you’ll end up having to make this decision yourself. However, to keep from making a tough pick,you should try using different types of feeders? This way, you can attract several types of birds that you’d like.

. Choosing your Bird food
. Choosing the perfect food depends on the types of birds your tryna attract. Ground feeders mostly prefer white millet, oil type sunflower seeds attract tube feeders. Suet placed on trees attract woodpeckers, but also gets starlings in your space. preparing a mixture of bird food, one that has high mix of sunflower seed and millet.

You should remember that certain birds are attracted by certain types of food and that having a wide variety of bird food is a great way to invite a larger number of birds into your backyard.

. Picking the perfect spot. Once you’ve purchased your feeder you want to use, you now have to choose the perfect location to place your feeding station. sparrows and juncos are mostly attracted to bird feeders placed near the ground while feeders situated slightly above ground are good for cardinals and other birds.

Feeders should be placed in an area thats not so noisy ,easily accessible and not hard to see. It should also be near natural shelter like trees,shrubs and things of that nature to protect the birds from strong winds and predators. Though it is important to maintain at least 10 feet distance away from the nearest jump-off points to avoid any squirrels from launching any aerial attack but a squirrel-proof bird feeder will handle that problem.

.Protecting against predators. When having bird feeders in your backyard, you most certainly should have some kind of protection. Quite a number of birds are killed each year from cats, from flying into glass windows and from becoming sick from old food in feeders. You should also try to keep squirrels and other animals away to stop them from running the birds away.

If you have a cat, keep your cat away from areas that are going to be filled with birds. This way, you can avoid hurting birds that come to your bird feeder.

Some Birds die from flying into windows. To avoid this, you can purchase window feeders made just for this purpose, other ways are to mount screens, bird nettings, or awnings onto your windows.

To avoid having the food contaminated by moldy seeds and bird droppings,keep a regular cleaning schedule for your bird feeders.

Squirrels can be a major problem. To eliminate them from messing with your birds, place your feeders in spots that aren’t subject to squirrel attacks, purchase some baffles or use squirrel proof bird feeders. These birds love to visit for food in winter months and early spring. We should do our part trying to keep them safe and healthy.

.Feeding your birds. Feeding typically begins around October on until spring. Birds develop patterns and any changes to their food source may stop them from frequenting your feeders.

I really hope you enjoyed these tips. Now its time to go and watch some birds.


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