Droll Yankees YF Flipper Bird Feeder

Droll Yankees YF Flipper Bird Feeder

Droll Yankees YF Flipper Bird Feeder

Droll Yankees YF Flipper Bird Feeder
From Droll Yankees

List Price: $135.00
Price: $95.50 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

Product Description

The Yankee Flipper comes with a motor-driven, battery-powered, weight-activated perch ring that expels squirrels when they try to get at the bird seed. When a squirrel steps on the perch, a connection is made with a motor that makes the perch spin, and the squirrel is flipped off the discount bird feeder. The unit comes equipped with a rechargeable nickel-cadmium power stick battery and a battery charger that plugs into standard 120 volt wall outlets. Sturdy stainless steel wire hanger will not rust. 21″ long tubular feeder with 5 lb seed capacity. Metal cap fits snugly so that squirrels cannot pry it off. 4-1/2″ diameter seed tube is made of UV stabilized polycarbonate for durability. Tube is long enough so that squirrels can’t hang down from the top and reach seed. Interior is properly baffled to direct seed to the seed ports. Four seed ports are positioned around the tube. Metal parts have a forest green finish.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #239 in Lawn & Patio
  • Size: 5-lb capacity
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Droll Yankees
  • Dimensions: 21.00″ h x 4.80″ w x 4.80″ l, 5.00 pounds


  • Squirrel-proof bird feeder holds approximately 5 pounds of seed
  • Sturdy polycarbonate feeding chamber; metal cap and base resists squirrel damage
  • Battery charger plugs into standard 120 volt wall outlets
  • Rechargeable nickel-cadmium power-stick battery and battery charger included
  • Measures 4-3/4 by 21 inches; lifetime feeder warranty; 1-year warranty on motor and battery charger

Editorial Reviews

Amazon.com Review
This Yankee Flipper squirrel-proof feeder is the ultimate feeder for keeping your feathered friends fed, and the furred fiends hungry. Let’s talk about the basics first. The sturdy polycarbonate feeding chamber is a whopping 4-3/4 inches in diameter and 21 inches long, giving you a break between refills–and ensuring that squirrels can’t hang down from the top to reach seed. The four feeding chambers are easily accessible via the perch ring, and the interior of the chamber is designed to direct seed into the seed ports.

Now, for the fun stuff: The birdfeeder features an encased motor and rechargeable (and replaceable) batteries. When you receive the feeder, simply charge the batteries overnight, hang the feeder from its looped bail wire, and prepare to be amazed (and entertained!). The motor is connected to the weight activated perch ring–birds will not set it off, even larger species like woodpeckers and cardinals. But the minute a squirrel hops onto the perch, the motor is triggered and the feeder begins spinning, taking the squirrel for a whirl before it loses its grip and is thrown (gently) from the perch. It’s a humanitarian way to deal with persistent squirrels–there are no shocks or poisons to hurt them, simply a wild ride that they won’t be inclined to repeat. Birds are free to eat without disruption, and your family will get a kick out of watching squirrels go for their rides. There’s a lifetime warranty on the feeder body and a one-year warranty on the motor and battery charger. –Ariel Meadow Stallings

Customer Reviews

All that I expected and more!5
I have been battling the squirrels with limited success for years. Either the feeders didn’t stop the squirrels at all or they were so dang ugly I didn’t want them in my yard. The squirrels even ate a few of the “squirrel proof” feeder I tried.

I’m pretty cheap, but the Droll Yankee Co. seems to have a good reputation so I wasn’t too reluctant to part with the bucks for this feeder. My first impression was that it is a lot larger than I expected and seemed to be sturdier than most feeders.

I plugged it in and let it charge overnight (it charges like a power screwdriver), filled it with black-oil sunflower and hung it in my favorite bird feeder tree the next morning. My Carolina-chickadees and Cardinals were feeding within thirty minutes, Mr.Squirrel made his first attempt after about an hour. There is really no way I can describe what followed. Let’s just say I have some really freaked out squirrels around my house.

I have had the feeder up for over a month, the squirrels have been forced to feed from the spilled seed on the ground and the feeder is still operating from the original charge.

This feeder is is worth every penny and then some. I wish I could give it more than five stars.

The last bird feeder you’ll ever need to buy!5
Well, I’ve had many squirrel-proof bird feeders over the last 5 years – each promising to defeat our furry four-footed friends – and each only moderately successful! When I saw the Yankee Flipper video – I flipped…could it be that I found the last bird feeder I’ll ever need to buy? YES – For over the last year – I’ve been very pleased with this bird feeder. It has not been successfully accessed by the squirrels – despite lots of attempts – and the associated gymnastics! But the birds? They don’t have a problem unless two morning doves land on the same side at the same time…then…well that’s another story. This is an exceptional product concept – well built and executed.
You do need to charge its internal battery 2X a year – but that’s it. In the next generation, I’d probably redesign how the cord is placed in the charger receptical – but that is it. An outstanding product – and on amazon for a great price! I paid almost $100 for it at my local bird store – but even at that price – it is great. I will be buying these to replace my other feeders as they wear out (squirrels manage to eat their way through cages, plastic and even metal on some of the other feeders) – but not the Yankee Flipper. A GREAT product! You will NOT be sorry!

You Will Love This Feeder!5
We recently purchased the Yankee Flipper bird feeder and love it. So do the birds!

The feeder came completely set up; there was no assembly to do. Amazon had put the Flipper box into a larger box for shipping. It came in excellent shape.

As advertised, the Nicad batteries were completely discharged. Thus step one is to charge the batteries overnight.

How It Works: The ring that the birds sit on will not deflect with the weight of a bird. Bigger birds do not trip the mechanism; we’ve even had a red-bellied woodpecker taking sunflower seeds from the bird feeder. But when excessive weight is on the ring it tilts down, turns on the motor and starts the ring turning. Then the motor deactivates when the weight is off the ring.

There are two screws that you can tighten to prevent the mechanism from tilting (thus turning on). I recommend you use these when the unit is in the charge cycle.

The ports that the birds take seeds from are well designed and the birds can eat to the last seed without any problem.

When looking at the picture of the feeder, I thought it would be better if the feeder had more feeding ports. Now that we have the feeder, I think the ports only on the bottom are better. I let the feeder get pretty well empty before I refill it.

After filling the feeder two or three times I found it useful to turn the feeder over and dump out the dust and foreign particles that are in the seed. We’ve attached an S hook to the tree with a plastic tie wrap which has made it convenient to lift off the feeder to dump and refill.

Regarding the mechanism: I recommend that for the first few days when the feeder is out, keep the lock down screws turned to prevent rotation. Then the mechanism will not turn on when a squirrel jumps on the feeder. After you see some squirrels on the feeder, loosen the screws and watch the action!

If you like feeding the birds and agitating the squirrels, you will love this discount bird feeder.

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