Heritage Farms Bird’s Choice Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Heritage Farms Bird's Choice Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Heritage Farms Bird's Choice Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Heritage Farms Bird’s Choice Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
From Heritage Farms

List Price: $39.99
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Product Description

Mixed seed Squirrel Proof Feeder. Adjustable weight setting on spring operated perch closes access to seed.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #12666 in Lawn & Patio
  • Size: Feeder is 11″ x 13″ x 5.5″ high.
  • Color: Verona Grn
  • Brand: Heritage Farms
  • Model: 7511I
  • Dimensions: 7.75″ h x 12.00″ w x 14.25″ l, 5.30 pounds


  • Durable powder coated steel body Pole mounting hardware (only) and hanger included
  • Locking top
  • No waste seed saver baffle
  • 9-Pound mixed seed capacity
  • Fully assembled

Customer Reviews

Works for me5
Unlike the reviews below, this discount bird feeder has given us excellent service. I purchased this for my Mother to use. Her backyard is Squirrel Central and she is always on the lookout for a feeder for feathered critters, not furry ones.

This feeder is very easy to fill and to date no squirrels has been observed successfully getting any seed out of it. Which isn’t to say they don’t try, but so far their schemes have failed them. The saga continues….

A disappointing purchase2
We purchased this product to replace another squirrel-proof, metal-construction product of a similar design that had finally worn out after about 15 years. This one won’t last that long.

First, the metal is a lighter grade.

Second, the bracket for overhead hanging is attached to the housing by tension of the bracket only. It’s come loose twice already as a result of squirrel activity on the roof. It will be necessary to attach the hanger to the housing with the addition of metal brackets and screws or bolts.

Third, the closing of the feeding tray is controlled by a flimsy spring on each side. The springs can be changed among three placements to accommodate different bird weights but still close on the weight of a squirrel. One of those springs has come loose once, requiring a resetting.

Fourth, large holes were created in the sides of the metal housing to provide slots for attachment of the hanging brackets and spring adjustment settings. These holes are large enough to allow leakage of small seeds, and at least one on each side is large enough to provide temptation for squirrels to work on getting larger sunflower seeds through the slot.

The first truly squirrel-proof bird feeder we owned had a counter balance on the side opposite the roost for accurately adjusting the tension on the closing mechanism. That concept was much better than the use of the springs here.

This unit does have the advantage of a metal perch for the birds. The roost on the older unit we had was made of wood and had to be replaced twice in its 15-year life, but overall this “squirrel-proof” bird feeder is a poor design.

I intend to look for a better one.

An update: I installed brackets to secure the hanger. Then, using an assortment of machine bolts, washers and nuts, I secured the chosen tension setting and filled all six holes in the side of the bird feeder. Hopefully, it’s now squirrel-proof. Time will tell.

Back for another…5
Last one lasted us ten years and five drops by a raccoon that figured out how to lift it out and get to the food. The sixth did it in. This one is getting a lock and clip. Figure that one out buddy!

We got this bird feeder not because of the squirrels but due to Grackles (an annoying, gluttonus large black bird whose feathers look purple or blue in the sunlight they’re so dark). Those stinkers were sticking their beaks in and raking a bunch of seed out onto the ground for their buddies who were waiting. They’d empty a regular feeder of 2 lbs of seed in less than an hour! This feeder comes with the spring on the tightest setting, supporting the most weight. Move the spring to the next hole over until you find the right spot for you. For us, we wanted a cardinal or smaller to be able to use it, but not the grackle or larger. No problem whatsoever. After a week of trial and error, those pesky grackles were mightily confused when they landed and the food was cut off!

I have watched dozens of squirrels try to get in it, and none are successful. Most slide right off the roof. We had mounted it on a tree where the cats could see it, so the hanger wasn’t an issue. If you have highly gymnastic squirrels, you’re going to want to get the one on the post so there’s no hope of hanging from back legs over it. I went to Wild Bird’s Unlimited and their suggestion was to only feed safflower. Which on the surface seemed to solve the problem, but is three times more expensive than the custom mix I do, and I want there to be something for everyone in there.

Seriously, this thing works…

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