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Welcome to Backyard birding,¬† discount bird feeders and accessories. pull up a chair and get ready for to lean all about attracting wild birds with discount bird feeders,bird baths,bird houses and all your backyard birding’ll learn how to attract hummingbirds, cardinals and all the bird in your location and even birds that migrate to your backyard garden. Even learn how to plant a garden made perfect for attracting wild birds to your bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths and have them in your backyard much longer then they usually do.

People of all ages can learn the basics of bird watching here, kids will learn how to make homemade bird feeders from pine cones and other everyday materials. Find out what types of food and seeds will attract the birds that you want visiting your yard. Protecting your birds from predators and also squirrels that tend to eat up all the seed and leave none for the birds making you waste your money on bird food. Bird watchers will find everything needed for backyard birding and beginning birders will also get lots of information to get started in the right direction.

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