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If you’d like to help your kids make some Christmas presents, do an easy Christmas craft, or just add a few nature lessons to your Christmas seasons, making Christmas bird feeders together is a fun way to do all three.

Our family makes these Christmas birdfeeders every year, and we enjoy watching the winter birds that come to visit our home. They also make nice gifts for family and friends. They’ll enjoy watching the birds that visit their backyard when they display your gift.

What You Need:

Whole Grain Bread, Toasted

Smooth Peanut Butter

Bird seed
A Drinking Straw

Colorful Christmas Yarn

Christmas Cookie Cutters

What You Do:

Toast the bread then let it cool. Use your Christmas-themed cookie cutters to cut Christmas shapes out of the bread. Use a butter knife to spread one side of each shape with peanut butter.

Pour some birdseed onto a plate. Place the cut bread on the plate, peanut butter side down. Press the bread down gently so the birdseed will stick.

Remove the bread from the plate, and lay it down on the counter or a cutting board. Use the drinking straw to make a hole at the top of your new bird feeder. Pull some colorful string or yarn through the hole and hang on a tree branch. We like to use Christmas colored yarn to make our tree look festive.

Now sit quietly and watch who comes to enjoy your Christmas treat. When the bread is gone, the birds might even take the string to add to their nests.

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